Monday, 21 September 2009

A Few New Pieces


  1. Hi-- I love the paintings of the house & the tree. Are they the same size? Can you let me know how much they are? Thanks! Jen

  2. I'm so glad you art is in the new restaurant too! It looks great. Thanks for the info on the paintings...I'm trying to find a spot for them in our house. My husband so kindly pointed out that we have no more wall space for art. I'm working on him though. Hopefully they won't sell in the meantime!

  3. HI Colette,

    My name is Nichole. We have been in many of the same craft shows and I have always admired your work (finally got my hands on a bird at the last bijou market - where I was right next to you.)

    I have a new weekly art market in PG and would love to have you be a part of it. IF you are interested there is information at

    Sorry to do this through comments... I couldn't find an email.

    Have a happy day!