Monday, 29 June 2009

Bijou Market

I was thrilled with my success at the Bijou Market. I never dreamed that I could sell 6 paintings and all but two birds at a 6 hour boutique. Thank you to all who came and supported the local artists and who enjoyed and purchased my goods. I am still working on my Etsy shop, hopefully it will be open this week. Gotta go make some more stuff now.


  1. darling things. are you the one who had the geneology trees that one could fill in themselves? i know it was by your things...trying to locate the seller. any ideas, if not you? thanks! where will you be next? looking forward to the etsy shop.

  2. Will you please post on your blog when your etsy shop is up? (And do you plan to make more birds?) I would like to buy a little white or blue bird and I didn't see those colors at the bijou market.

    I actually first saw your stuff at the Beehive Bazaar and LOVED it. But I was so silly because I waited too long to buy the cute little bird that would match my front room.

    Thanks for making such lovely things! They go fast for a reason.